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TPR Teaching system
TPR is the abbreviation of "Total Physical Response", and It translates into Chinese as "巴Ӧ". TPR language learning methods, which were developed by a famous American experimental psychologist, James J. Asher, in the 1970's, could also be called "totally experience based language learning methods". It imitates the natural physical response aroused during the memorizing process when one's brain creates an association of ideas about the sound and image from the outside world while learning one's mother language.

In our classes, professional teachers use a great deal of pictures and items to create life or businessscenes, encourage students to speak English confidently, help students to gain a habit of thinking in English, and at lastly acquire the natural response of speaking English spontaneously.

TPR Rule Of English Study
Using Albert Einstein's formula, E=mc2 for reference, TPR creatively defines the rule of English study as: English = Memory X Communication2, communication squared emphasizes the importance of conversational communication in English study.

TPR Teaching Promoting System
TPR teaching method has been perfected and enriched since 1992. In 1999, TPR 2000 teaching system officially began, Curriculum includes kindergarten, children, youth and adults' class, interview placements system, evaluation test, textbooks and learning cassettes for all levels.

Professional Levels System And Perfect Evaluation System
In TPR-2000 teaching system, we divide the student into Kindergarten, Children, Youth, Adult Four Grades and 36 levels. All the students are interviewed before they begin to study at one of our schools.

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